Friday, 5 July 2013

Science Express to me is..........!

SEBS makes me feel like I can ignite love for science and care for nature in all groups of people especially our future, young students.
-          Richa

Enlightened is the one who continues to remain a good student of nature. SEBS is an enlightening experience.
-          Siddhesh

Science express mera pehla aur akhri pyar hai!
-          Raghav

Biodiversity: Nature’s “Wow”
Its protection: Our vow
-          Atman

“Science Express Biodiversity Special” is like an ocean of knowledge, facts and many other interesting things about India’s biodiversity and environmental issues. Its one helluva train, moving on the Indian rail tracks and reaching every corner of India! Really, it’s a great opportunity for me that I could become a part of this project, wherein I am exposing myself to people of different regions, speaking different languages and having different cultures; at the same time I learn a lot from them! It has been 26 days since I joined the train, and there’s a lot to learn. I feel the remaining 5 months are also not enough for me to assimilate all that this train embodies.                                       
-          Jaydev

My two month experience in SEBS was very great & wonderful... learning more day by day….its very exciting ..... still more to know... 
-          Deepa

Science Express is a journey that leaves no footprints and only imprints....
It refers to reducing carbon footprint and embracing biodiversity by enlightening young minds, all through the journey……
-          Sneha

Experience of being a science communicator is out of the world because you meet people from all walks of life. You get to hold a one month old baby; you can teach special children; you can interact with home makers as well as confused teenagers. No other job can give an opportunity of meeting lakhs of people in just 7 months! Proud to be part of SEBS!
-          Madhurima

SEBS has added a new episode of amazing learnings to my life; while
traveling through India, I found the same smell of soil in every region of our nation. People are so simple and loving! They are curious to learn
and are head over heals about SEBS.
-          Mukesh

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