Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Balasore- Chandipur

Science express chugged into Balasore. The band of dreary eyed science communicators piled into 3 vans and journeyed to Chandipur, which was a half hour drive from the station. As the team approached the hotel, the sea was visible at a distance. All the tiredness and sleep vanished as the communicators realized that the beach was just next door to the hotel. Many of us simply dumped our bags in the room and ran to the beach. The sea was simply divine.

Beach cleaning

On 3rd July the SEBS team, got together and cleaned up the Chandipur beach. There were plastics, glass waste, paper waste, metal waste and discarded clothes on the beach that we all cleaned up. We started at about 6 in the morning, and continued till about 7 a.m. The trash was rounded up in black trash bags, which were then handed over to the hotel authorities for proper disposal. The entire activity was a great experience as we all actually did some cleaning and got out of the train to practice what we preach.
The weather and the setting was just perfect and each one of the communicators could be seen carefully picking out trash and collecting the waste in bags, some working alone and some in groups chit chatting with one another. Once the cleaning was wrapped up, the communicators got ready to play some mischief; splishing, splashing, singing, jumping, having fun, became the order of the day and soon everyone rushed back to the hotel to freshen up and get ready to reach Balasore station. It was truly a great morning spent with nature, caring for nature.