Friday, 17 August 2012

The Celebration time...

Science Express – Biodiversity special’s visit to Chennai came up with many celebrations.  SEBS exhibition was held up for four days from 11th to 14th August.  At Chennai SEBS was innograted by Dr. G.Narayanan, additional general manager of southern railway Chennai on 11th August.  Department of Science and Technology head Mr.Chandar Mohan and Director of VASCSC Mr.Dilip Surkar made their presence during this time.

11th August, 2012
Science Express hit 7 lac visitors of its Vth phase Biodiversity Special at Nellore, Andhra Pradesh location during 7th to 10th August. It is the total number of general visitors, students and teachers who actually took the benefit of Science Express Biodiversity exhibition. That truly demanded a party; so there it was. Mr. Chandar Mohan, Mr.Dilip Surkhar  host a dinner party for Science Express Team on a very first day of exhibition at Chennai on 11th August, 2012. Mr.Chandar Mohan and Mr.Dilip Surkar congratulated entire SEBS team for this big success and shared a small speech for Science Communicators; which turned out a real boost for them.

For SEBS staff, the joy of welcoming more than 7 lac visitors, when Science Express is yet to complete its half of the journey; was not less than a milestone. Everybody celebrated the joy of it by singing their likely song. Science Communicators, K.C.Joshi and Puskar Samant were the rockstar of event. After dinner Dr. A.P.Singh joined and was welcomed by Chaitrshri’s semi classical dance performance. She presented such an energetic and expressive performance on the rytham of “Radha kaise na jale”. The party was called off nearly after a small motivational speech by Dr. B.P.Singh. He also added that, “this is such a remarkable moment in Science Express’ history, and a proof of Science express’ popularity and demand of Science knowledge nowadays”.

12th August, 2012
Science Express celebrated the 7 lac visitors at Chennai. On second day 12th August, exhibition made open after celebrating Dr.Vikram A Sarabhai’s birth anniversary. Dr. Vikram A Sarabhai was a very famous scientist and also the founder of Community Science Center (VASCSC) at Ahmedabad. As VASCSC has contributed major in designing and functioning Science Express; Mr. Dilip Surkar, Director of VASCSC and Mr. Chandar Mohan shared his tribute with the SEBS team.

15th August, 2012
Science Express exhibition was closed on Independence Day. But the Science Express staff decided and met at early morning sharp at 7:30 for flag hoisting ceremony. Everybody came in their regular Science Express dress and salute Indian flag and recite Indian anthem. The team dispatched after sharing sweets.

As it was an off for an exhibition, departing from there science express team took a chance to visit Chennai. Mahabalipuram, Crocodile bank, Daxinadrusti and Marina beach were the places, explored more. Some famous market places were also been visited by the team.

After Chennai visit the SEBS team is again as on trek like earlier, it has reached to Kudal Nagar (Madurai) and Kanyakumari and Enarkulum are the next planned destinations. 

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