Friday, 3 August 2012

Science Communicators: Science Express' Engineers

“Give me your hand; I’ll stumble with you,
From history to present,
Let’s unfold the lines of romantic bards,
Let them sing along..!

Let me hold you through,the times of our oceans and lands,
From the epic plateaus of ancient mountains to the deep blue waters,
Let out footprint live on green pasture and our busy asphalt roads,

During rains and sandstorms our caravan moves on in a life full rhythm,
Which will throb my guests in the womb… 

Remember 'me', the time the place the talk we exchanged,
Don't forget to smile back... it may lose my nerves,
Deeming, your buddy is listening the sum..."

Science Communicators team is a group of youth across all over India, have chosen way to travel with science express train, till 22nd December 2012. They are student, graduates and professionals having educational/professional expertise in science. Few of them have already contributed in previous phases of Science Express. Even in fact, some of them are engaged with other profession, and have taken break; to join this unique journey. Needless to add, due to different edge of India, they represent in individual cultures at a time. In spite of all the differences, they are travelling    and cherishing time together; possibly generous and acquaintance way.

“It’s a unique, adventurous experience; one who is craving for knowledge, wants to explore different shades of India, will not let go such opportunity for sure.” – communicates a Science Communicator. Flame of energy and confidence for self are the main assets for them. Any more doubt for young India?

A question to an individual, how long one can travel by train? one, two or  three days at most,.. The longest route of Indian railway is Kashmir to Kanyakumari; which takes minimum 4 days journey. Science Express is planned to travel continuously for 7 months from 5th June to 22nd December (201 days, 6 Months and 18 days). For Science Communicators SEBS is home, workplace and mode of journey till 22nd December 2012.

Before on-boarding, they were trained by the people who are directly-indirectly involved in design of train/content of biodiversity for the thought to represent them as actual bridge between the exhibition and the visitors. Now, how is it actually?

Science Express is a powerful medium to give multiphase experiences of different avenues of science. It exposes the curious learners to info, knowledge, history and present state of scientific progress. But it is the Science Communicator who personalizes, explanations, triggers pertinent questions and fill the visitor with a sense of wonder. The info gets transformed into sciencetific attitude and values. Thus the science communicator is the agent who activates the fundamental aim of science express in its true spirit. 

Science Express is for the people by the people, sharing joy of science in its own way. The whole effort and investment for Science express is to spread awareness across the country about Science, Biodiversity, Water and Petroleum Conservation, Global Challenges, Climate Change and etc. It is there; open for all, welcoming everyone equally. Anyone can come, visit, read the contents and move ahead but; A Science Communicator actually realize significance of it; standing there, assisting to be familiar with the contents, sharing additional information, answering/attending science queries, and moreover what the exhibition is all about and what is biodiversity. Apart from exhibition, science based platform activities and outreach activities are also have been carrying out for the students and schools.

“For you it may be just an easy experiment, but once you actually put it in front of student, and when they look at you with ‘wow’ surprising smiling face,, that moment your realize it is just not an experiment for them, it is one of magical moment to invest wonderful and experimental interest of science. And when you realize you are a cause of it, can you think how much obsequious is it? ” – from science communicator’s diary.

In short, the train misses its educative function without science communicators, and they can be counted as actual engineer of the train.

Isn’t it wonderful itself, seeing them together, stand side by side for significant endeavor, “Share the joy of Science and edify Biodiversity of India”… seems like they themselves is a live example of “Indian Biodiversity”, What do you say?

We wish you a very happy journey :)