Wednesday, 3 October 2012

2012 - Celebrating Year of Mathematics

...AS a tribute to Srinivasa Ramanujan - mathamatics wizard, year 2012 is declared as year of Mathematics by Hon'ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. Team of Science Communicators and the authority thought of celebrating the same in different way. Science Express train has an educative training room; which is purposely used for Teacher training, meeting sessions and other events.  Science Communicators shown keen interest. “Maths an interesting learning” must be conducted at Science Express; became conversation piece.   

Tribute to Mathematicians 
Making of "Celebration of Mathematics Year 2012"
What to do? What suppose to be shared/presented? Who would be target audience?  What could be the maximum timeline? How to generate interest in mathematics? What will be the hands-on activities for participants? and etc. Last but not the least, how to manage the regular timeline with Science Express exhibition.

Well, it said “Make a mountain out of a mole hill, can’t make heads or tails of makeup one’s mind”. With the spirit of such lively mind, quickly one by one each ‘Wh’ questioned were disappeared.  Few Science Communicators took the charge initially, remaining choose to manage the exhibition show during the workshop.

AT Khadaki – Pune location the first Mathematics interactive session held between 8 Science Communicators and 20 Primary Mathematics teachers. The response was much appreciating and positive than expected, which gave flame to this creative thought and Science Communicator decided to continue the same at each station at least with one program. 

This activity became so interesting that teachers started demanding for more such programs for Maths as well as for Biodiversity, which of-course was taken up as a sincere effort and delivered too.

Brief of Program:
Two Mathematics and One Biodiversity Workshop has been conducted successfully so far and few more are on pipeline.

>   Being familiar to each other and the brief of total activity
>   Four different subjects were presented by different team member.
>   Mathematics activities: explanations and presentation shared with actual 3-D models.
> Biodiversity workshop: started with the basic knowledge and further taken up to the India as one of the big Biodiversity hot-spots.
>   As a hands-on activity each team member was requested to prepare 3-D model from the 2-D chart. (according to the figure and instructions given on the chart paper)

Science Communicators Presenting 
Session on Biodiversity 
Teachers at hands-on activity 
> At the end-of-session, feedbacks were collected and the participants  were awarded with certificate along with the Mathematics or Biodiversity material kit respectively.

These sessions were throughout monitored and in-charged by Mr. Raghav Pandya (Sr. Science Educator), who is associated with Science Express, since  first phase. For each program, he manages to conduct mock presentation of each Science Communicator with respective presentation. With all required changes and suggestions, he stand there throughout the preparation. His lively and humorous nature almost vanish the burden of program and made it a remarkable knowledge sharing time.

Mr.Raghav Pandya giving certificate and take-away material
The program was initiated, managed and supported by Mr. Sudhir Sharma (Science Express Manager), who has been contributing to Science Express since the day first. He made Joy-of-Science Lab open and main platform for this program, with all the basic need and facilities. He appeals each science communicator to be part of this activity and to give best of oneself; and the ‘high five’ was the immediate respond.  


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